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8/22 - First Day of School
9/8 - School Pictures
9/22 - Q1 Progress Reports
9/29 - Blood Drive
10/13 - End Q1

Cooter High Our Alma Mater 

Loyal we will be,

To the blue, red, white our colors through eternity...

In the future we'll remember

Joys and friendships nigh,

To the school we love and cherish

Hail to Cooter High

Our Mission

The Cooter R-4 School District will assist all students in finding their interests and capabilities and to further develop those interests and capabilities to the maximum use of their potential as successful citizens for the Twenty-First Century.

Our Vision

The Cooter R-4 School District will provide an education program that prepares students for the future by staying abreast of knowledge and its application, technology, and educational methods. We will provide a curriculum that will meet the needs of college-bound students, students pursuing vocation skills, and students entering the work force immediately after graduation.

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